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Each ovary is about the size and shape of an almond. The ovaries produce and store a woman's eggs. During ovulation, an ovary releases an egg.

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If that egg is fertilized by a sperm, a pregnancy can occur. Ovaries also make the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. When a woman goes through menopause , her ovaries stop making those hormones and releasing eggs. Ovarian Disorders. Learn More Specifics Genetics.

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Ovarian Function and its Disorders

Baljet B, Drukker J The extrinsic innervation of the abdominal organs of the female rat. Endocrinology — CrossRef Google Scholar. Burden HW The adrenergic innervation of mammalian ovaries. Academic, New York, pp — Google Scholar. Effect on follicular development during the estrous cycle. Dyer CA, Erickson GF Norepinephrine amplifies human chorionic gonadotropin-stimulated androgen biosynthesis by ovarian theca-interstitial cells.

Jacobowitz D, Wallach EE Histochemical and chemical studies of the autonomic innervation of the ovary. Endocrine Community. Email Print Discuss. Written by Robert M. Sargis MD, PhD. The ovaries are a pair of ova-producing organs that is, they produce egg cells that maintain the health of the female reproductive system.

Ovarian Cysts - Q&A with Dr. Wang

The ovaries, like their male counterpart, the testes , are known as gonads. This simply means they are the primary reproductive organs.

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  7. The ovaries are oval shaped and about the size of a large grape. They are located on opposite ends of the pelvic wall, on either side of the uterus.


    The ovaries are each attached to the fimbria tissue that connects the ovaries to the fallopian tube. Ovaries produce and release two groups of sex hormones—progesterone and estrogen. There are actually three major estrogens, known as estradiol, estrone, and estriol. These substances work together to promote the healthy development of female sex characteristics during puberty and to ensure fertility.

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    Estrogen estradiol, specifically is instrumental in breast development, fat distribution in the hips, legs, and breasts, and the development of reproductive organs. To a lesser extent, the ovaries release the hormone relaxin prior to giving birth. Another minor hormone is inhibin, which is important for signaling to the pituitary to inhibit follicle-stimulating hormone secretion.