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These are all particularly semiconductor parts which include devices like LEDs, diodes, transistors, ICs, SCRs, triacs and many more, the list may be too long.

The passive components are normally made up of carbon or chemical electrolytes and although not able to contribute actively yet play an important part in association with the active devices and complement them in every respect. Components like resistors, capacitors, inductors etc. In this article we will try to learn regarding the basic circuit theory of electronics. We will try to understand the functioning of a few electronic components and also how they may be configured into small basic circuits.


Diode : As shown in the picture a diode is a two terminal component and is recognized by a band or a ring at one of its ends. In the symbol the band is indicated by a straight line at the arrow point.

The Most Common Basic Electronic Components

The lead which is terminating from this side is the cathode and the other one is the anode. A diode will always allow a positive voltage to pass through its anode towards the cathode and block the other way round. Due to this particular characteristic, diodes are also used as rectifiers to convert AC into DC.

LED : LEDs are quite similar to the normal diodes as explained above, but since LEDs are able to emit light in the process, are specifically used as indicators and in other forms of lighting purposes. LEDs are unable to tolerate high currents and therefore always incorporate a series resistor to dimension the required minimum current through them. Transistor : We all are quite familiar to this versatile member of the electronic family.

Introduction to Basic Electronic Circuits | PREDICTABLE DESIGNS

Transistors are basically used to amplify small electrical signals and also for switching purposes. Resistor : Since most semiconductor devices are sensitive to high currents, resistors are employed to restrict a correct flow of current through them. The values of these resistors are dimensioned by calculating them using various formulas. What is an Op-Amp? Inverting amplifier circuit Non-Inverting amplifier circuit Comparator using an operational amplifier Schmitt trigger using an operational amplifier Multivibrator using an operational amplifier Power supply circuits Power supplies and the electronics within power supplies are very important.

Without them many electronic circuits would not work, and it is also important to ensure the specification of any power supply meets the requirements of the circuit it is powering. They range over a variety of areas. Transistor circuits Despite the fact that integrated ciruits are widely used today, electronic circuits using discrete transistors can still provide excellent performance.

With this circuit you can build a Watts output.

Introduction to Basic Electronic Circuits

The most interesting thing is that the components are so simple and cheap. You can buy all of them from your local shop and assemble it on a board. This is the most popular electronic circuit in the category of Lighting circuits. It has been developed by a valuable contributor of this website, Mr. A great deal of discussion has been there about this circuit in the comments section.

When you try to assemble this circuit, first go through the comments section. It will help you to save much time troubleshooting. Street Light Circuit. This may be one of the most simple circuits in this website, that even a novice can attempt. You can make this circuit work with a couple of transistors, resistors, an LDR and a relay! Sounds too easy? Another reason for its popularity is that this circuit works perfectly well.

Most of the readers who tried this circuit were satisfied with the outcome.

Circuit Design

Just try this one if you are beginner! Simple Water Level Indicator. This is another circuit we have published way back in ! But the circuit is a little controversial I guess! There are many doubts and questions in the comments section. When you attempt this circuit, read through the comments carefully.

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Also keep in mind that there are many guys who got the output perfectly. This circuit is really good for beginners. Water Level Alarm Circuit. So here is another vintage property! A circuit made back in ! The difference with the above circuit is in the use of an alarm. The circuit is simple and easy to implement. You must read through the comments section before you implement this circuit. As usual there are people who got this working perfectly fine and there are people who got errors!

So to avoid much of the possible problem, you may read comments.