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And I present it particularly and in the first Place to her dear and only surviving Sister ; and then to her nearest Relatives and Acquaintance, and to all the rising Daughters of New England , that they may understand what true Beauty is, and what the brighter Ornaments of their Sex are, and seek them with their whole Desire; even the hidden Man of the Heart , in that which is not corruptible, the Ornament of a meek and quiet Spirit, which is in the Sight of God of great Price.

For Favour is deceitful, and Beauty is vain; but a Woman that feareth the Lord , she shall be praised—And such an one with some additional Excellencies and Accomplishments was Mrs. Her Father, the Reverend Dr. Benjamin Coleman through the gracious Favour of God is still living among us; one universally acknowledged to be even from his younger Times at Home and Abroad a bright Ornament and Honour to his Country, and an Instrument in God's Hand of bringing much good to it.

Her Mother, Mrs.

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Jane Coleman , was a truly gracious Woman, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Clark , Gentleman.

Coleman was graduated from Harvard College in , and for six months afterward supplied the pulpit of the Medford Church. Six years later he was called from England , whither he had gone for further study, to be the first pastor of Brattle Street Church, which office he held for forty-eight years.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Medford

Such is the very evident admiration and veneration in which his reverend son-in-law held Dr. Coleman that one feels the Memoirs of Mrs. Jane Turell give much more information regarding her august father than the lady in question not an altogether unusual occurrence in modern biographies however. The short and simple annals of Mrs. Turell 's life are [p. Turell was the third child of Reverend Coleman and Mrs.

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Her Constitution from her early Infancy was wonderful weak and tender, yet the Organs of her Body so formed as not to obstruct the free Operations of the active and capacious Spirit within. The Buddings of Reason and Religion appeared on her sooner than usual. Before her second year was completed she could speak distinctly, knew her Letters, and could relate many Stories out of the Scriptures to the Satisfaction and Pleasure of the most Judicious. I have heard that Governor Dudley , with other wise and polite Gentlemen, have placed her on a Table, and sitting round it, owned themselves diverted with her Stories.

Before she was four Years old so strong and tenacious was her memory she could say the greater Part of the Assembly 's Catechism, many of the Psalms, some hundred Lines of the best Poetry, read distinctly, and make pertinent Remarks on many Things she read. She grew in Knowledge the most useful day by day and had the Fear of God before her Eyes.

She pray'd to God sometimes by excellent Forms recommended to her by her Father and suited to her Age and Circumstances and at other times ex corde , the Spirit of God helping her Infirmities. When her Father, upon a Time enquired of her what words she used in Prayer to God, she answered him that when she was upon her Knees God gave her Expression.

Even at the Age of four, five and six she asked many astonishing Questions about divine Mysteries, and carefully laid up and hid the Answers she received to them in her Heart.

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Turell continues, The most that I am able to collect of her Life from six to ten is general, and from her viz. And that her tender and gracious Mother who dy'd about four years before her [p. That she loved the School and the Exercise of it, and made a laudable Progress in the various Kinds of Learning proper to her Age and Sex. At nine or ten if not before she was able to write; for in the Year I find a letter of her honoured Father 's to her wrote in Answer to one of hers.

Colonial American poets

In this letter Dr. I charge you to pray daily, and read your Bible and fear to sin.

Be very dutiful to your Mother, and respectful to Everybody. Be very humble and modest, womanly and discreet. Take care of your Health and as you love me do not eat green Apples.

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Turell gives a Hymn written by the little Jane in her eleventh year, which is here quoted entire to show her poetical facility at that age. Her Father was pleas'd to encourage her in this feeble Essay she made at Verse. He condescended to return her Rhymes like her own level to her present Capacity, with a special Aim to keep and fix her Mind on God and heavenly Things, with which she had begun. Joy of my Life! Sing on, and a fond Father 's Heart rejoice. The General Court refused to confirm the appointment unless he were released by the Church , and this was not done.

You who among the Bards are found the Chief. O with what wond'ring Eyes I on you gaze, And can't recover from the sweet amaze: etc. If you diligently improve your stated and some vacant Hours every Day or Week to read your Bible, and other useful Books, you will sensibly grow in Knowledge and Wisdom, fine Thoughts and good Judgment from Year to Year.

But as to a Poetical Flight now and then, let it be with you only a thing by the by. At your leisure and spare Hours you may indulge your Inclinations this way. But let them not break in either upon the daily Hours of secret Reading or Devotion. For pious and honourable Parents, whereby I am favour'd beyond many others. For faithful and godly Ministers, who are from time to time showing me the Way of Salvation. For a Polite as well as Christian Education. Palgrave Macmillan. A short history of American literature Public domain ed.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Together with her 11 prose remains. With an introduction by Charles Eliot Norton. Contains facsimiles of title-pages of the first three original editions, and of the edition edited by J.

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Together with an exact epitome of the three first monarchyes viz. The second edition, corrected by the author and enlarged by an addition of several other poems found amongst her papers after death. Boston, Printed by John Foster, Together with an exact epitome of the three first monarchies, viz. With divers other pleasant and serious poems. By a Gentle-woman in New-England [i. The third edition, corrected by the author, and enlarged by an addition of several other poems found amongst her papers after her death. Re-printed from the second edition, in the year m. Or severall poems, compiled with great variety of wit and learning, full of delight.

18th-century American non-fiction writers

Wherein especially is contained a compleat discourse and description of the four: elements, constitutions, ages of man, seasons of the year. Together with an exact epitomie of the four monarchies, viz. The Assyrian, Persian, Grecian, Roman. Also a dialogue between Old England and New, concerning the late troubles. Edited by John Harvard Ellis. Charlestown: Abram E. Cutter, Branagan , Thomas. Avenia, or A tragical poem, on the oppression of the human species; and infringement on the rights of man.

In five books. With notes explanatory and miscellaneous. By Thomas Branagan. Philadelphia: Printed, and sold by J. Cline, No. Branch , William. Life, a poem in three books; descriptive of the various characters in life; the different passions, with their moral influence; the good and evil resulting from their sway; and of the perfect man. Dedicated to the social and political welfare of the people of the United States. Richmond [Va. Gray, printer. The Breechiad , a poem. Boston: Printed by Belcher and Armstrong.

State Street. Brockway , Thomas. The gospel tragedy: An epic poem. In four books. Printed at Worcester, Massachusetts, by James R. Hutchins, mdccxcv. A Brother , pseud. Commencement, a poem See Biglow , William. Brown , Charles Brockden, Monody, on the death of Gen. A poem in ninety-six lines. Title from caption. With heading: For the Commercial advertiser.