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These Western critics, however, are unable to propose actual benefits of a common currency to the Gulf states themselves. Finally, the Gulf is seen by Western commentators as impenetrable or otherwise too difficult to invest in because of how different it is from other economies: "Exotic," in Said's loaded word; "the Other," in Ryszard Kapuscinski's experience. Smith provides examples of guides that have been published to help investors navigate the Gulf and to explain the oddities both in how the economies operate and visiting the Gulf.

Market Orientalism

These four components situate his argument for the theory of market Orientalism, and he uses multiple means to defend it. The methods and evidence Smith uses are based heavily on English-language newspapers and magazines that are considered credible by Western audiences, such as The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Economist.

Cities and Belonging in the Gulf Arab States

From these he is able to build a chronological record of the development of Orientalist stereotypes towards Gulf economies since the s. An unknown error has occurred.

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