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Representative Originals are in the custody of the U. Department of Energy. Formation of Committee on Declassification Declassification Guide for Military Utilization Project Special Declassification Guide for U. Smyth Report 13 Russian translation : general and technical information, publications Declassification Guide for U. Tolman Committee Report, nos.

Tolman Declassification Policy Declassification information Meetings with industries Dec Correspondence and memoranda prepared on the release of information about the Manhattan Project Selection of declassification reviewers Release Committee of the Manhattan Project Reclassification of the Report Nov.

Request by Arnold Kramish Rand Corp. Part 1: General Principles n. Relativistic Thermodynamics, spring term Space and Time in Modern Physics n. Best value of c for field nebulae [undated]. Calculations to accompany On the Principles of Statistical Mechanics [undated]. Current calculations on nebular distribution [undated]. Expanding cloud: starting from point source with distribution of velocities. Non-static line elements in isotropic co-moving coordinates [undated].

Non-static solutions starting from Sen formulae [undated]. Non-static solutions of Einstein's field equations for spheres of fluids [undated]. Non-static spheres of fluids [undated]. Stability of fluid spheres [undated]. Thermal transfer in stars by convection and by radiation [undated]. Miscellaneous calculations [undated]. Patents on liquefaction apparatus Greathouse Stern Guernsey White Mott-Smith McRae Tolman [2 copies]. Sturtevant Sturtevant and K. Mather Kirkwood and E. Boggs Epstein Lewis Heitler Schrdinger Heitler and N. Hu Peng DuBridge Robert Oppenheimer," by A. Smith and C.

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Weiner, The Sciences Mar. Speech for the second dinner for A.

Einstein Feb. Transcript of remarks for Associates meeting Jan Albert Einstein speeches translated by R. Speech for Caltech Associates meeting Jan Speech for R. Millikan's 80th birthday Speech for Sunset Club Christmas party [undated]. Atomic Energy Commission. Security Council verbatim records of meetings [3 records]. Atomic energy proposals and resolutions.

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International Control of Atomic Energy. Public Affairs Bulletin No. Issues before Congress Four Lights , nos. Newsclippings re: Oppenheimer, Atom Bomb, Tolman Open letter to the U. General Chemistry , by Linus Pauling [inscribed]. Relativity, Thermodynamics and Cosmology [with notes]. Photographs: Ruth Tolman and others [undated]. Sinclair and R.

The Origin of Quantum Mechanics (feat. Neil Turok)

The Journal of Social Sciences , 4th vol. Grayson and R. Johnson Reprints of letters sent to Dr. Sanford from spokespersons of various psychological associations nationwide re state legislative activity Guilford, N. Kettner, and P. Christensen J Phys Chem ; : — Photon-induced near-field electron microscopy. Dynamics of chemical bonding mapped by energy-resolved 4D electron microscopy. Exciton versus free carrier photogeneration in organometal trihalide perovskites probed by broadband ultrafast polarization memory dynamics.

Phys Rev Lett ; : Time-resolved imaging of purely valence-electron dynamics during a chemical reaction. Nat Phys ; 7 : — Polyatomic molecules under intense femtosecond laser irradiation. Electron localization following attosecond molecular photoionization. Attosecond imaging of molecular electronic wavepackets.

Nat Phys ; 6 : — Time-resolved shadowgraphs of transient plasma induced by spatiotemporally focused femtosecond laser pulses in fused silica glass. Femtosecond diffraction dynamics of laser-induced periodic surface structures on fused silica. Pump-probe imaging of laser-induced periodic surface structures after ultrafast irradiation of Si.

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Time-resolved axial-view of the dielectric breakdown under tight focusing in glass. Opt Mater Express ; 1 : — Papazoglou DC, Tzortzakis S. In-line holography for the characterization of ultrafast laser filamentation in transparent media. Appl Phys Lett ; 93 : Multiphoton ionization in dielectrics: comparison of circular and linear polarization. Phys Rev Lett ; 97 : Duocastella M, Arnold CB.

Bessel and annular beams for materials processing. Laser Photon Rev ; 6 : — Tunable intense Airy beams and tailored femtosecond laser filaments. Phys Rev A ; 81 : Micromachining along a curve: femtosecond laser micromachining of curved profiles in diamond and silicon using accelerating beams. Monolithic generators of pseudo-nondiffracting optical vortex beams at the microscale. Single-shot high aspect ratio bulk nanostructuring of fused silica using chirp-controlled ultrafast laser Bessel beams.

Nondiffracting accelerating waves: weber waves and parabolic momentum.

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New J Phys ; 15 : Femtosecond laser fabrication of micro and nano-disks in single layer graphene using vortex Bessel beams. Using optical vortex to control the chirality of twisted metal nanostructures. Nano Lett ; 12 : — Brixner T, Gerber G. Femtosecond polarization pulse shaping. Opt Lett ; 26 : — Vectorial optical field generator for the creation of arbitrarily complex fields. Opt Express ; 21 : — Enhancing precision in fs-laser material processing by simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing.

Interference and holography with femtosecond laser pulses of different colours. Whither the future of controlling quantum phenomena? Control of quantum phenomena: past, present, and future. New J Phys ; 12 : Optimized energy coupling at ultrafast laser-irradiated metal surfaces by tailoring intensity envelopes: Consequences for material removal from Al samples.

Phys Rev B ; 74 : Isotope selective ionization by optimal control using shaped femtosecond laser pulses. Phys Rev Lett ; 93 : Entangling atomic spins with a Rydberg-dressed spin-flip blockade. Nat Phys ; 12 : 71— Atomic-scale control of competing electronic phases in ultrathin LaNiO3. THz switching of antiferromagnets and ferrimagnets.

Resonant and nonresonant control over matter and light by intense terahertz transients. Nat Photon ; 7 : — Ultrafast optical modification of exchange interactions in iron oxides.

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Nonlinear spin control by terahertz-driven anisotropy fields. Nat Photon ; 10 : — Coherent terahertz control of antiferromagnetic spin waves. Nat Photon ; 5 : 31— Controlling ground-state rotational dynamics of molecules by shaped femtosecond laser pulses. Phys Rev A ; 69 : Moore K, Rabitz H.

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Laser control: manipulating molecules. Nat Chem ; 4 : 72— Control of chemical reactions by feedback-optimized phase-shaped femtosecond laser pulses. Control of ultrafast molecular photodissociation by laser-field-induced potentials. Nat Chem ; 6 : — Enhancement of X-ray line emission from plasmas produced by short high-intensity laser double pulses.

Phys Rev E ; 65 : Fazeli R, Mahdieh MH. Comparison of line X-ray emission from solid and porous nano-layer coated targets irradiated by double laser pulses.